Английские переводы текстов песен

"The rain" ("Дождь")

1. I’m in restaurant,
Waiting for someone,
May be, he will come,
I’m sitting with a dream again...
Window with rain drops,
It’s late to hurry up,
The world reflects my heart,
I can simply understand...

Chorus: Rain in autumn can’t last always,
Let me be a little careless...
Tramway, terminal route,
Lamp is shining through my soul...
Hello, the man I know,
Can you take me far away from here? From here...

2. Rustle of footsteps,
Tender glance much says...
You’re opposite the street,
Please, enter the cafe, I pray...
Curtains like the sails,
Shadow of my love...
Courageous to survive,
I’m forced to lie my mind tonight...

Chorus - 3 times

"I'm not here" ("Нет тебя")

1. I can nothing say,
Truth may simple stay,
Sorry, but I can’t... –
You will understand me...
We’re in different poles –
Love’s destroyed by wall.
Please, believe my eyes,
Like the hundred time.
May be, we’ll be...
But I know –

Chorus: I’m not here, in your tender arms,
And your kiss doesn’t warm my lips.
Dream has melt,
Like the silly snow,
Don’t torment love,
It’s better to let go...

2. We’ll manage to get up
In spite of broken hearts.
The parting’s pain is sharp –
We can understand it...
Truth may simple stay,
And voice of heart can say,
That we’re tired a bit,
But we have to see –
Sometimes love dies...
Then I thought –

Chorus - 4 times

"Joker" ("Я джокер кину на стол")

1. Words are here,
In the flat you left me.
They are flying
From the floor to my skirt.
I have drawn by the lipstick my route.
Again I have to hurry up.

2. No importance, what I did yesterday,
When i didn’t let him fall asleep.
I am smiling – it’s good to be alone,
Again ok, forget me, please!

Chorus: I’ll throw the joker tonight,
I’m glad to say you goodbye,
I have decided myself,
What I could.
You want a lesson to give,
But I don’t want to forgive.
You’ll come back, so helpless,
I know it.

3. Declarations
Are the same to me.
You will tell your cheap jokes –
They are boring!
And my answer
On your question is clear –
I’ll write it with your cigarette.

4. I don’t care
About you at all.
If one loves me,
He’ll never have good luck.
Running quickly
Through your heart, like a pain...
But I’m ok – it’s time to end.

Chorus - 4 times

"Like a star" ("Звездой")

1. Far away, in the sky
Stars are shining from above.
Tender warm through your heart
From the evening to midnight.
Stars, like a fire in my soul,
The sweetest chase of eyes to fall.
Fall of stars, magic light,
And I wish to fly...

Chorus: Somebody’ll shine, like a star,
Far away from the ground,
Spreading light to the hundred miles.
Somebody’ll fly, like a bird,
To the heavenly boat,
To the height of the second world.

2. Slowly melts
The coolness on face,
Freedom’s really next to you.
I’m flying, clouds are smiling,
And I don’t need any more.
Now you’re the one
Of shining stars,
And your mystery is dark.
Fall of stars,
Brilliant night,
You are happy – don’t hide.


3. Eternal code,
The sky’s your world,
Touch it with heart and soul...
After the light.
Your fluent flight,
The men you love
Can follow...

Chorus - 2 times

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